Faculty Details

Faculty Details, along with their personal achievementpstulogopng_med

Faculty Details:

  1. School of Language Development, Hyderabad : Dean I/c :Dr.. G. S. Gabriel

      a)Department of Linguistics: Head of the Dept. : Dr.. G. S. Gabriel

  • Dr. G.S. Gabriel, Professor (Chief Warden)

b)Department of Lexicography : Head of the Dept. : Prof. Y. R. Shyamala

  •  Prof. Y. R. Shyamala, Professor (Presently working as Controller of Examinations)


2. School of Social & Other Sciences, Hyderabad :Dean : Prof. K. Sudhir Kumar

 a) Department of Jyotisha-Vastu : Head of the Dept. : Dr. N. Venkataiah

  • Dr. N. Venkataiah, Assistant Professor (Sr. Scale)

b) Department of Communication, Journalism : Head of the Dept. : Prof. V. Sathi Reddy

  1. Dr. V. Sathi Reddy, Professor
  2. Dr. K. Sudhir Kumar, Professor, Co-ordinator, UGC Cell, Computer Cell & Statistical Cell Nodal Officer


  3. School of Fine Arts, Hyderabad : Dean : Prof. Alekhya Punjala

 a) Department of Music : Head of the Dept. : Dr. B.Radha

  1. Dr. B. Radha Sarangapani, Assistant Professor(Sr. scale)
  2. Sri O. Vijay, Assistant Professor (Warden)
  3. V.T.N. Neetha, Project Assistant
  4. M. Padma, Project Assistant

b) Department of Dance : Head of the Dept. : Dr. K. Ratnasri

  1. Dr. Alekhya Punjala, Professor
  2. Dr. B. Sethuram, Associate Professor (Presently working as Director I/C Centre for Distance Education)
  3. Dr. Vanaja Uday, Assistant Professor
  4. Dr. K. Ratnasri, Assistant Professor
  5. N. Lingaiah, Project Assistant
  6. Vijaypal Pathloth, Project Assistant (Warden)

c) Department of Folk Arts : Head of the Dept. : Dr. Gaddam Venkanna

  1. Dr. Gaddam Venkanna,


e) Department of Theatre Arts : Head of the Dept :  Dr. K. Hanumantha Rao

1 .Dr. K. Hanumantha Rao, Assistant Professor

2.Bh. Padma Priya, Assistant Professor

3. Dr. P. Rama Rao, Assistant Professor (On lien)

f) Department of Sculpture & Painting : Head of the Dept. : K. Srinivasa Chari

  1. K. Srinivasa Chari, Assistant Professor (Audio Video In-Charge)
  2. M. Venkatesham, Assistant Professor (Warden)
  3. B. Rohini Iyyengar, Assistant Professor (On lien)

4. School of History, Culture & Archaeology, Srisailam :Dean : Prof. P. Chenna Reddy

 a) Department of History & Culture of Telugu Speaking People : Head of the Dept. :

  • Dr. B. Babu Rao, Associate Professor

b) Department of Epigraphy & Written Records : Head of the Dept. : Dr. R. Chandrasekhar Reddy

  1. Dr. P. Chenna Reddy, Professor (Presently working as Dean)
  2. Dr. R. Chandrasekhar Reddy, Professor

c) Department of Archaeology & Architecture : Head of the Department :Dr. M. Srinivasa Rao

 Dr. B. Ramesh, Professor (Presently working as Dean, School of Folk & Triballore, Warangal)

Dr.M. Srinivasa Rao, Assistant Professor (Warden)


5. School of Literature, Rajahmundry : Dean : Prof. Y. Sudhakar Rao

 Department of Telugu Literary Studies: Head of the Department : Prof. Y. Sudhakara Rao

  • Dr. Y. Sudhakara Rao, Professor
  • Dr. M. Geethavani, Assistant Professor (Presently working in Dept. of Telugu, Hyd.


6. School of Folk & Triballore, Warangal : Dean :Prof. B. Ramesh

  1. a) Department of Folklore Studies Head of the Department : Prof. B. Ramesh
    b) Department of Triballore Studies : Prof. B. Ramesh, Professor, Head of Department( By Transfer)


7. Sri Siddhendrayogi Kuchipudi Kala Piitham, Kuchipudi : Principal : Dr. V. Ramalinga Sastry

  • V. Ramalinga Sastry, Principal

1. Centre for Comparative Studies, Hyderabad Director I/c : Dr. V. Satti Reddy, Professor

2. Centre for Languages Translation : Director I/c : Dr. V. Satti Reddy, Professor

  • Dr. V. Satti Reddy, Professor

3. Centre for Preparation of Encyclopaedia, Hyderabad : Director I/c : Dr. Y.R. Shyamala, Professor

  1. Dr. Y.R. Shyamala, Professor

4. International Telugu Centre, Hyderabad : Director I/c : Prof. Prof. V. Sathi Reddy

Prof. V. Sathi Reddy

Dept. of Telugu Studies (Dr. M. Geetha Vani)

1) Publications Division, Hyderabad : Director I/c : Prof. V. Nireekshana Babu

 Dr. V. Nireekshana Babu, Professor

2) Library, Hyderabad :

 Dr. C. Muralikrishna, Professor (Librarian In-charge)

  • Sri P. Mallikarjuna Rao, Assistant Professor (Information Scientist)


  1. Computer Cell: Co-ordinator Dr. K. Sudhir Kumar
  2. UGC Cell: Co-ordinator Dr. K. Sudhir Kumar
  3. Statistical Cell: Nodal Officer Dr. K. Sudhir Kumar