Faculty Details

Faculty Details, along with their personal achievementpstulogopng_med

Faculty Details:

  1. School of Language Development, Hyderabad : Dean : Prof. Y. R. Shyamala

      a) Department of Linguistics: Head of the Dept. : Prof. Y. R. Shyamala

b) Department of Lexicography : Head of the Dept. : Prof. Y. R. Shyamala

  •  Prof. Y. R. Shyamala, Professor (Presently working as Controller of Examinations)


2. School of Social & Other Sciences, Hyderabad :Dean : Prof. C. Murali Krishna

  a) Department of Jyotisha-Vastu : Head of the Dept. : Prof. C. Murali Krishna

b) Department of Communication, Journalism : Head of the Dept. : Prof. C. Murali Krishna

3. School of Fine Arts, Hyderabad : Dean : Dr. K Hanumantha Rao

 a) Department of Music : Head of the Dept. : Dr. B.Radha

  1. Dr. B. Radha Sarangapani, Assistant Professor(Sr. scale)
  2. Sri O. Vijay, Assistant Professor (Warden)

b) Department of Dance : Head of the Dept. : Dr. K. Ratnasri

  1. Dr. Vanaja Uday, Assistant Professor
  2. Dr. K. Ratnasri, Assistant Professor
  3. N. Lingaiah, Project Assistant
  4. Vijaypal Pathloth, Project Assistant (Warden)

c) Department of Folk Arts : Head of the Dept. : Dr. Gaddam Venkanna

  1. Dr. Gaddam Venkanna,

e) Department of Theatre Arts : Head of the Dept :  Dr. Bh. Padma Priya

1 .Dr. K. Hanumantha Rao, Associate Professor

2.Bh. Padma Priya, Assistant Professor

f) Department of Sculpture & Painting : Head of the Dept. : M. Venkatesham

  1. K. Srinivasa Chari, Assistant Professor (Audio Video In-Charge)
  2. M. Venkatesham, Assistant Professor (Warden)

4. School of History, Culture & Archaeology, Srisailam :Dean : Prof. P. Chenna Reddy

 a) Department of History & Culture of Telugu Speaking People : Head of the Dept. :

  • Dr. B. Babu Rao, Associate Professor

b) Department of Epigraphy & Written Records : Head of the Dept. :

c) Department of Archaeology & Architecture : Head of the Department :Dr. M. Srinivasa Rao

 Dr. B. Ramesh, Professor (Presently working as Dean, School of Folk & Triballore, Warangal)

Dr.M. Srinivasa Rao, Assistant Professor (Warden)

5. School of Literature, Rajahmundry : Dean : Prof. B. Ramesh

 Department of Telugu Literary Studies: Head of the Department :

6. School of Folk & Triballore, Warangal : Dean :Prof. B. Ramesh

  1. a) Department of Folklore Studies Head of the Department : Prof. B. Ramesh
    b) Department of Triballore Studies : Prof. B. Ramesh, Professor, Head of Department( By Transfer)

7. Sri Siddhendrayogi Kuchipudi Kala Piitham, Kuchipudi : Principal : Dr. V. Ramalinga Sastry

  • V. Ramalinga Sastry, Principal

1. Centre for Comparative Studies, Hyderabad Director : Prof. Y. R. Shyamala

2. Centre for Languages Translation : Director : Prof. Y. R. Shyamala

3. Centre for Preparation of Encyclopaedia, Hyderabad : Director I/c : Prof. Y.Reddy Shyamala

4. International Telugu Centre, Hyderabad : Director : Prof. Y. Reddy Shyamala

Dept. of Telugu Studies: Prof. B. Ramesh

1) Publications Division, Hyderabad : Director : Prof. B. Ramesh

2) Library, Hyderabad :

 Dr. C. Muralikrishna, Professor (Librarian In-charge)

  • Sri P. Mallikarjuna Rao, Assistant Professor (Information Scientist)
  1. Computer Cell: Co-ordinator: B. Srinivas Goud
  2. UGC Cell: Co-ordinator : Prof. B. Ramesh
  3. Statistical Cell: Nodal Officer :