Siddhendra Yogi Kala Pitham

History of the Place

Siddhendra Yogi kala Pitham,  one of the eight Schools of Potti Sreeramulu Telugu University, is situated in Kuchipudi, which is 340 km away from Hyderabad and well connected by Roadways.

The most artistic creation of Indian culture is the Dance – a composite art form. The Kuchipudi Dance was evolved by Siddhendra Yogi, dating back to 15th century, as an outstanding contribution towards enrichment of Indian Culture. This architect of Kuchipudi Dance initiated the local boys of Kuchipudi Village, situated in KRISHNA District of Andhra Pradesh to learn and perform his brainchild Bhama Kalapam – an aesthetic, descriptive and dramatic dance expression referred as Prabandha Nartanam.

These artists then formed into groups called Bhagavata Melalu and traveled widely to propagate the spiritual aspect of their mission through this dance form. Their performance at temple premises, royal courts and cultural centers, won the hearts of kings, scholars and the common people. The then Nawab of Golconda – Habul Hussan Qutub Tanisha, moved by the performance, gifted Kuchipudi Village and made it a cultural center to pursue the art with peace and harmony. Even today, the artists and scholars living there continue the age-old tradition and pass the knowledge to the present generation and future generation.