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This is a University with a special mission and direction. The major objectives of the University are promotion and advancement of Telugu language with special reference to Telangana culture, literature and fine arts. The University has culture-based academics with a four- pronged approach for knowledge dissemination, i.e., Teaching, Research, Publications and Extension Activities.

The main objectives are:
* To function as a Research Centre in Telugu language, Literature, Fine Arts and Telagnana Culture;
* To impart training to those residing within and beyond India in studying Telugu language, literature, fine arts, culture and allied subjects;
* To facilitate and regulate advanced study and research in art, culture, music, stage-plays, painting, sculpture, architecture, archaeology, language, literature, grammar, linguistics, history, religion etc.,
* To translate books from other languages into Telugu and vice-versa.
* To develop Telugu as a language of modern knowledge and medium of instruction.
* To compile and publish Telugu words, expressions, colloquial terms, mutual borrowings, words peculiar to industries and other occupations which are used by Telugu speaking people in the State of Telangana and Andhra Pradesh and also in other countries where Telugu speaking people live.
* To compile epigraphs relating to Telugu language, culture and History and publish them.
* To provide for research and determine the procedure regarding development of Telugu language embodying in itself all the educational fields existing in the developing world and evolving suitable approach therefor.

VC Profile | In Press About PSTU  | Unique Nature | Campuses | Mission