INFLIBNET Digitization Manuscripts Faculty



The Universal Digital Library is an Universal project ( spear head by Prof. Raj Reddy of Carnegie Mellon University, Pitts burg, USA. As a part of The UDL project "Digital Library of INDA" (DLI) was launched in India by Hon'ble president of India Dr. A.P.J. Abdul Kalam on 23rd September 2003. 


Vision: For the first time in history the UDL project started its efforts to digitize all the significant Literary, Cultural, Artistic and Scientific works of mankind to preserve, conserve and made freely available.


Organization structure: The Digital Library of India (DLI) is established its head quarters as Mega scanning Centre at IIIT (Indian Institution of Information Technology), Gachibowli, Hyderabad-A.P. and a number of other Scanning Centres were established in many religious, cultural and Literary oriented centered organizations and Libraries spread all over India.


The Potti Sreeramulu Telugu University which is established with an aim to promote, conserve and preserve the language, Literature, History and Culture of Telugu speaking people and as one of the best Library resources for Telugu Literature and Languages is known for its rich collection is made an MOU with the IIIT (Head Quarters of DLI) to establish a scanning Centre under DLI project in the premises of PSTU Library. Accordingly the PSTU is provided with 4 high speed book scanners and 120 GB Hard disc Computers 10 and one DVD writer.


As per the terms and conditions of MOU the DLI is providing CD's  and DVD's for all the original material scanned in PSTU Scanning Centre and it is proposed to take back up of entire data (nearly 16,000 of books 19,89,539 pages) which is scanned in PSTU scanning Centre in two hard discs as replica of the original source material for building up a Digital Library. So far the books scanned and digitized under this project are published prior to 1947 and are not covered under Copyright Act. The books selected for scanning are very rare of its kind in nature ranging from 1810  to1947 AD.