1. Promotion of Research

2. Research Output of the University in various domain of the knowledgepstulogopng_med

The University Teachers are actively engaged in Research. The University has Research Committee which periodically holds meetings regarding the latest development and guidelines as per U.G.C Rules and Development and Other Education Institution. The Faculty is encouraged to take up Minor and Major Research Project as well as Departmental Projects. The details of the Minor and Major Projects are given below.


Name Department Title of the Major Research Project Amount sanctioned
Major Research Projects
P. Ramarao Theatre Arts The Rise and Fall of Padyanatakam: a comprehensive multimedia study of Telugu Musical Theatre Rs. 6,89,700
C. Mrunalini Centre for Comparative Studies The Song and the Meaning: Relation between Literature and Music(Telugu) Rs. 5,91,400
S. Uma Devi Department of Music Contribution of Andhra Composers during 19th and 20th centuries Rs. 4,94,000
Prof.K.Anandan Department of Encyclopedia “Jester in Tamil Telugu Folk Theatre” Rs. 6,74,800
Prof.D. Muniratnam Naidu I.T.C “Telugu as Linguistic minority in Orissa: A Socio-Linguistic Study” Rs. 7,29,600
Dr. K. Hanumanta Rao Department of Theatre Arts Women in contemporary Telugu Theatre-A Socio-cultural Documentation Rs.4,93,000
Dr. B.S.Rohini Iyengar Sculpture & Painting “Documentation and Compilation of Modern Andhra Pradesh Art” Rs. 4,87,500
Minor Research Project
Parimalagandham Dept.of Lexicography Tolkappiyam Balavyakaranam a comparison Rs. 1,00,000
G.S.Bhaskara Rao Department of Telugu ‘Mckenzie Kaifeeyats’ with relevance to social aspects Rs. 80,000


In addition to above two Departments of the University have been sanctioned DRS by the UGC. Details are given below:


The Department of Lexicography has been sanctioned DRS on Technical Vocabulary in 2007.


The Department of Telugu of Rajamundry Campus has been identified for providing finance assistance under DRS 2009.