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Potti Sreeramulu Telugu University is a unique University. It caters mainly to the needs of the Telugu language speaking people. Its aim is to preserve and propagate all aspects of Telugu culture, Telangana culture including literature and languages. As such, it has a few unique programmes.

Documentation of the lives of Eminent People: The University has an audio-visual studio, which caters exclusively to preparing documentaries of eminent people from all fields of Telugu culture.

Awards and Felicitations to eminent people: As the University was confluence of the State Sahitya, Sangeetha, Nritya, Lalita Kala, Nataka Academies. it carries out all the programmes conducted by them. These include giving awards every year to eminent personalities in literature, fine arts, drama, music and dance.

Publications: Another special feature of this university is to publish old and rare books in Telugu and make them available to the public at marginal rates. Most of these books pertain to Telugu culture, language, arts and literature.

All these programmes are part of the efforts of the university to reach its goals and objectives.

VC Profile | In Press About PSTU  | Unique Nature | Campuses | Mission