Publications Division

pstulogopng_medBrief history of the Publication Division

Potti Sreeramulu Telugu University was formed with the aim of    Preserving and propagating Telugu Language, Culture and Literature. It ambedkar3applies a four-pronged approach to fulfill this aim: teaching, research, publication and external services. Publications of old and new books, occupies a significant place in the scheme of the University. Since the University itself was created with the merging of A.P.Sahitya Akademi, Sangeetha Nataka Akadmi and Lalitha Kala Akademi, it is implied that it carry out all the activities of the academies. Publishing of old classics and standard new texts has been one of the primary objectives of all academies which the University is continuing.

Though the main chunk in publication goes to Telugu Books, the University is aware that Telugu texts need to reach Non-Telugu readers. Creating awareness among non-Telugu about the greatness of Telugu language. With this concept, the University has been encouraging translations of critical and creative writings in Telugu literature into English and other Indian Languages since a few years.

Main Objective Of the Publication Division: 

To compile and publish Standard and rare books for purpose of Information and research in the fields of Language, literature, history, epigraphy, fine arts and performing arts. To Translate books and publish from Telugu to other languages and from other Languages in to Telugu according to the need of the University and publishing the classics, epics, Kavya Prabandhas, Dictionaries, etc., and making them available at normal rates.

Plan of Action: 

To bring out classical literary texts and Publishing old and rare books including Dictionaries.

Total Number of Publications:

 Telugu                  :                  210

Tamil                    :                  02

English                 :                  46

Hindi                    :                  12


Publications Catalog 2018.